by Lesser Of Two

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This is Lesser Of Two's 2nd self release, but it is the first to feature Kelly Nelson who went on to co-found the band Embers with Steven DeCaprio who founded Lesser Of Two. To hear Embers go to This E.P. is the first to really capture the sound that Lesser Of Two later went on to perfect on their subsequent albums.


released December 31, 1995

Steven DeCaprio - guitar/vocals
Kelly Nelson - bass
James Diederich - drums



all rights reserved


Lesser Of Two Oakland, California

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Track Name: brother
Brother you scratch and claw your way out of a hole whose walls you think are your fellow man. Dog eat dog, eat dog, eat dog. You scratch and claw but the walls are you. Law of the land; law upon law, upon law, upon law. Killing for crime, killing for killing were the good old days. Can’t overcome our prejudices. Need the state to impose social order. Doomed to suffer by the hand of our own ignorance. The walls keep closing in every day. Choking on our own good intentions. Our faith in a system which systematically whittles our freedoms away one by one, by one, by one; law by law, by law, by law, by law.
Track Name: abort nation
It’s a sin exposing flesh, having sex. It’s all trapped inside your head. Deny our sin; clothe our sin; abort our sin. It’s everyone’s fault except our own. Brain washed social standards. Nowhere to turn in this stinking world. A shallow grave is home to a child borne into an unwelcomed home. Abort unwanted sin. Deny it till the end. One nation under God. No solution for the children of the status quo.
Track Name: attain
We create images to attain. Killing ourselves daily to attain. What happens at the end of the day?
Masturbate one’s ego. What happens when your backbone loses it’s soul? A society uncivilized
behind closed doors. Vile vermin lust, festering perversion in human form. Rape defile crush innocent
flesh by living a lie.
Track Name: flesh cages
We’re living our lives inside of flesh cages. We’re living our lives trapped inside of flesh cages.